original title: A PARTIR DE AMANHÃ

“Starting tomorrow” tells the story of a woman that invents her agenda starting from the day she’s talking to the audience. In this performance, the practical and desolate space of the agenda becomes hopeful, dreamy, emotional and frustrating. While imagining her future agenda, this woman portrays herself and the person she would like to become but knows she never will. Reaching absolute happiness is the appointment scheduled for Tuesday at 10 am but at 2 pm she still must fill the tax form. “Starting tomorrow” is a performance created and performed by Cláudia Gaiolas, from an original text by Tiago Rodrigues, written in collaboration with the actress. It has been performed both in theatre stages as well as in cafes, galleries and other small venues.

text Tiago Rodrigues performed by Cláudia Gaiolas technical support João d’Almeida and Victor Pinto executive Production Magda Bizarro


This performace premiered in July 2007, at the MMCafé at Teatro Maria Matos, in Lisbon. It toured in Guimarães (Centro Cultural Vila Flor), Carrazeda de Ansiães,  Alcochete (Teatro Municipal), Leiria (Teatro Miguel Franco), Santiago do Cacém (Biblioteca Municipal), Gouveia (Teatro Municipal), Lajes do Pico (Centro de Artes e de Ciências do Mar), Viseu (Teatro Viriato).