The exquisite cruelty and violence that a couple can reach in their relationship was the main issue on this text by Filipe Homem Fonseca, developed after a first and shorter version written for project Urgências. Margarida Cardeal and Tiago Rodrigues performed this text, without direction and with a strong component of improvisation, solely based upon the pleasure of a word fight between actors. Dividing stage and audience in two sides of the same conflict, Azul a Cores is a game of permanent unbalance between two soul mates.

Text Filipe Homem Fonseca Creation and interpretation Margarida Cardeal and Tiago Rodrigues Set Patrícia Portela Light Design João D'Almeida Technical Support António Ribeiro Production Direction and Photography Magda Bizarro Image Digiscript Spot TV Bruno Canas

Azul a Cores premiered in February 2006, at Sala Estúdio do Teatro da Trindade, in Lisbon, and toured in Guarda (Teatro Municipal), Leiria (Teatro Miguel Franco), Vila Nova de StºAndré (VII Mostra de Teatro), Bragança (Teatro Municipal), Guimarães (Centro Cultural Vila Flor), Setúbal (VIII Mostra de Teatro) and Faro (CAPa).