On it’s second edition, project Urgências (urgencies) included 11 short plays by a very diverse group of portuguese authors, trying to answer the question “what do you have so urgent to tell me?”. Promoting a laboratory for new portuguese dramaturgy and a meeting point between authors and actors, Urgências 2006 was a landmark on imposing this project as a reference for the portuguese theatrical landscape. Simultaneously with the showing of the performance, acting and writing workshops took place and Editorial Cotovia joined the project by publishing the series of 17 short plays that were written for the two first editions of this project.

Directed by Tiago Rodrigues Direction assistant Joana Seixas Short plays by Filipe Homem Fonseca, João Quadros, Luís Filipe Borges, Nelson Guerreiro, Nuno Artur Silva, Nuno Costa Santos, Patrícia Portela, Pedro Mexia, Pedro Rosa Mendes, Susana Romana, Tiago Rodrigues With Cláudia Gaiolas, Iolanda Laranjeiro, Joaquim Horta, Luís Mestre, Margarida Cardeal, Sofia Grillo, Tiago Rodrigues, Tónan Quito Artistic Coordination Nuno Artur Silva and Tiago Rodrigues Set and Light design Thomas Walgrave Technical coordination João d'Almeida Production Direction and Photography Magda Bizarro Production Assistant Ana Ribeiro Image Paulo Martins SPOT TV Bruno Canas

Urgências 2006 premiered at Teatro Maria Matos, in Lisboa, on July 2006.