Mundo Perfeito’s second performance is an answer to the concern of promoting a dialogue between theatre makers and other areas of the arts, creativity and communication. In 2004, the renowned portuguese psychiatrist and author Daniel Sampaio accepted for the first time to adapt one of his works into a theatrical text, that was also to be journalist’s Luís Osório first experience as a theatre director. Performed by Márcia Breia and Nuno Lopes, Vagabundos de Nós was dedicated to primal subjects of Daniel Sampaio’s work, such as adolescence, search for a sexual identity and loss. This performance gave place to debates about Sampaio’s work and the theatrical adaptation’s later publication by Editorial Caminho.

Text Daniel Sampaio Direction Luís Osório With Márcia Breia and Nuno Lopes Light Design Jorge Ribeiro Set Alexandra Cruz Technical Support Luís Fernandes Costumes Maria Gonzaga  Executive production and photography Magda Bizarro Production Direction Tiago Rodrigues

This performance premiered in April 2004, at Teatro Maria Matos, in Lisbon, and toured in Faro (Teatro Lethes) and Amadora (Recreios).