Yesterday’s Man is the result of the first meeting between two theatre makers, the Lebanese Rabih Mroué and the Portuguese Tiago Rodrigues, who later met with Tony Chakar, an architect and writer also from Lebanon and the Belgian set and lighting designer Thomas Walgrave. This Project describes the voyage of a stranger who’s confronted with an ever changing city, Beirut.

A Portuguese man visits the town of Beirut year after year. He is several people that are always the same. Several men that year after year walk the same path throughout one day, in centre Beirut. The city changes, it metamorphoses at the mercy of times’ erosion and History’s convulsions. This man never changes but he always lives different days in each visit. The days that the ever changing city allows him to live.

performance by Tiago Rodrigues, Rabih Mroué, Tony Chakar with Tiago Rodrigues  set and lighting design Thomas Walgrave collaboration for the french version Judith Davis assistant Joelle Aoun executive producer Magda Bizarro

produced by Mundo Perfeito and Alkantara with the support of Direcção Geral das Artes / Ministério da Cultura (Portugal) and the help of Instituto Camões (PT), Ashkal Alwan (Beirut) and Teatro Maria Matos (PT). Performance created in the frame of the project Sites of Imagination.

This performance premiered in September, at Girona, Spain (La Mercê) and toured in Marseille, France (Friche la Belle de Mai – Festival Dansem); Lisbon, Portugal (Teatro da Politécnica e Alkantara Festival); Cagliari, Italy (Piccolo Teatro); Ljubljana, Slovenia (Stara Elektrama); Beirut, Lebanon (Masrah Al Madina – Homeworks V); Faro, Portugal (CAPa); Bruxelas, Bélgica (Kaaitheater); Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Teatro Tom Jobim); Paris, France (Théâtre de la Bastille – Festival d’Automne à Paris); Geneva, Switzerland (Théâtre de l’Usine – Festival Particles); Glasgow, UK (The Arches – National Review of Live Arts); Martigues, France (Théâtre des Salins) and Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal (O Espaço do Tempo - Plataforma PT09).